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Efficient and affordable hourly and live-in care for families caring for their loved ones and for Seniors who need extra help with activities of daily living. All of our caregivers have been trained to work with clients in different levels of care.

Experienced - Certified - Caregiving

Our in-home care providers/caregivers undergo a thorough screening process including (but not limited to) face-to-face interviews during which we evaluate their skills and character, level of experience and expertise, a competence test to determine their level of knowledge, at least two professional references from prior employers, an examination of all submitted documents, including certifications and a criminal background check.

Through a process of getting to know you and your family and by asking you a few questions as to your preferences, we select a caregiver who would make a good match. We base that on our familiarity with the caregiver’s personality, where he/she lives, whether he/she has a car, and many other criteria that enable us, more often than not, to make the right selection from the very start. We then make a particular caregiver available to you for a free interview.

Our home care coordinators work thoroughly to make sure that your requirements and the care recipient’s comforts are met. They supervise the caregivers/home care providers closely to ensure that they remain in full compliance with the Delta’s policies and procedures. Our Coordinators are also available on a 24/7 basis to you, to our patients, and to our caregivers.

Caregivers are Bonded and Insured

  • Caregivers/Home care providers are insured, bonded and fully covered by our worker’s compensation insurance.

  • We carry Liability Insurance that includes Professional, General, and Sexual and Physical Misconduct.

  • If your Caregiver/home care provider is injured in the work place, you will not be liable as they are covered by our insurance.

  • Evidence of insurance will be provided to you upon your request.